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Learning About Septic Services

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Learning About Septic Services

Got Teenagers in Your House? 3 of Their Activities That Could Be Putting Your Septic Tank at Risk

Rose Austin

If you've got teenagers and a septic system, you could have a potential recipe for disaster. This is particularly true if your kids haven't been taught how to properly care for the household septic system. There are some habits that are quite common among teenagers, that can actually spell disaster for your septic system. Here are three activities that could be setting your septic system up for failure.

Taking Back-to-Back Showers

If you've got teenagers, you know how much they enjoy those long showers. Occasional long showers aren't going to pose a problem for your septic system. However, if you've got multiple teenagers, who like to line up in front of the bathroom so they can each take a long shower, you might have a problem. That continual flow of water on a daily basis can inundate your septic tanks, and lead to a system failure.

Instead of the back-to-back use, have your kids wait a few minutes between showers. That will give the water from each shower enough time to make it through to the septic system and start filtering through to the seepage field.

Flushing the Wrong Products Down the Toilet

If you've got teenage girls, they could be flushing the wrong products down the toilet. Things like tampons, sanitary napkins, and even makeup remover wipes, should never be flushed down the toilets. First, they can get stuck in the drain pipes and cause serious clogs. Second, once they're in the septic system, they can clog the filter, and get stuck in the pipes. If that happens, your septic system will fail. To avoid this serious problem, make sure your kids know what products should never go down the drains.

Washing Paint Brushes

If your teenagers like to get involved in do-it-yourself projects, such as painting, they need to wash their paint brushes. If they're washing their paint brushes in the sinks, they're sending paint down to the septic system. Unfortunately, once the paint makes it to the septic system, it can kill the good bacteria that's needed to digest all the waste. If all the good bacteria is destroyed, your septic system won't be able to digest the waste, and your system will fail. If your teens are going to wash their paint brushes, make sure they don't do it in the household sinks.

If you've got teenagers, and a septic system, make sure they can get along together. Use the information provided above to help your teens avoid activities that could destroy your septic system. Or, you can contact services like AAA Pumping Service to learn more.