Learning About Septic Services
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Learning About Septic Services

Welcome to my site. My name is Jorge. The septic company sent a notice to my home recently about pumping out the tank. After living in my home for a few years, it was time to service the septic tank to keep it in good condition for years afterward. I watched in awe as the septic truck cleared the tank and restored the function of the system. I will use this site to discuss the process of servicing the septic tank. I will also talk about repairs commonly performed on the septic components. I hope you will visit often to learn more.


Learning About Septic Services

3 Ways To Use Water Effectively & Reduce The Strain On Your Septic System

Rose Austin

When you have a septic tank, you want to make sure that you use the water effectively. Your septic tank is designed to filter through a certain amount of water each day. If you send too much water through your septic tank, your septic tank is not going to be able to filter all the water properly and is at a greater risk of developing problems.

To reduce how much water you send through your septic tank, there are a few upgrades and adjustments you can make.

Install a High-Efficiency Toilet

If the toilet in your house is older, it probably uses more water with each flush than it needs to. Over the past decade, there have been many advances in toilet technology that increases the efficiency of your toilet, keeping your toilet bowl clean while using less water and sending less water to your septic system.

Upgrading to a high-efficiency toilet should only cost you a couple hundred of dollars, including installation. This is a great way to ease the stress on your septic tank, improve the look of your bathroom, and reduce your water use, all at the same time.

Install High-Efficiency Showerheads

Just like with toilets, showerheads have advanced a lot over the past decade or so. You can install a high-efficiency showerhead that will save you water every time you take a shower, while feeling like you are washing with more water. High-efficiency showerheads are designed to spread out the water in a pattern that allows you to get clean, keep the water pressure high, and feel like you are getting a proper washing, while greatly reducing the amount of water you are using, no matter how long you stay in the shower.

You should be able to purchase and install a high-efficiency showerhead for under a hundred dollars, although certain models may cost more.

Install Faucet Aerators

Faucet aerators go over the end of your faucets in your bathroom and kitchen. They channel the water flow so that you still feel like you are getting the same amount of pressure and force out of your faucet, without using the same amount of water. Aerators also help filter debris out of your water, as well.

You can purchase aerators at your local home parts store and easily install them yourself.

Making the above upgrades to your home will permanently alter the amount of water that you are sending to your septic tank, which will help your septic tank more effectively filter out the water and waste that you send its way.

For more information, visit sites such as http://www.sosseptic.net.