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Learning About Septic Services

Welcome to my site. My name is Jorge. The septic company sent a notice to my home recently about pumping out the tank. After living in my home for a few years, it was time to service the septic tank to keep it in good condition for years afterward. I watched in awe as the septic truck cleared the tank and restored the function of the system. I will use this site to discuss the process of servicing the septic tank. I will also talk about repairs commonly performed on the septic components. I hope you will visit often to learn more.


Learning About Septic Services

Living With Less: 3 Steps To Clearing Your Clutter

Rose Austin

Whether you call it minimalism, the KonMari method, or just plain decluttering your out-of-control hoard, reducing the amount of stuff in one's home is a growing popular trend. While mass-consumerism is still alive and well, many people are concluding they simply have too much.

Closets are jam-packed, dressers are overflowing, and every surface is covered in things. Rather than all these material possessions providing comfort or making life easier, people realize that these things require cleaning and dusting and increase their responsibilities but really don't add to their life. If you feel your home and life is being overtaken by stuff, here's three steps to start taking back control.

Assess Your Mess

With a detached eye, look around your home. Walk through each room. Where do you see the most stuff? If you're like most people, the garage, basement, and attic probably have the most boxes and totes and stray cast-offs. Closets are another area as they can hold a lot and the hoard can be hidden behind closed doors.

While bedrooms and the living room, dining room, and bathroom may not be as cluttered, you may still have areas to address. Clothing is a common hoarding item. Knick-knacks and decorative items are other items to assess. These dust collectors require a lot of care while providing little benefit. Kitchens can become overwhelming if there are simply too many appliances, gadgets, dishes, pots, and pans.

Rent A Dumpster

You may think you don't have that much stuff to get rid of that it requires a dumpster, but a dumpster makes it easier, can be gotten in different sizes, and is often less expensive than just throwing things in the garbage. Many municipalities have a limit on how many garbage bags you can put out each week. It's common that only two bags are allowed. For most households, that will only cover your weekly trash with no room for accumulated garbage. Some towns even make residents pay for special garbage bags. While you could take a few bags each week to the dump, that's time and money, too. It's easier and more cost-effective to just get a roll-off dumpster rental.

Start Sorting

It's easiest to go room by room. For each item, you will decide one of three things: toss, keep, or donate/sell/give away. Be careful with the things you decide to sell or give away. It's easy to think someone else may want your stuff, but there's a good chance they don't. It's okay to check with friends and family or attempt to sell things with value, but the time and hassle spent setting up a rummage sale or placing ads on Facebook usually aren't worth it. The goal is to get rid of all the things you don't actually need, as soon as possible not create new piles.