Learning About Septic Services
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Learning About Septic Services

Welcome to my site. My name is Jorge. The septic company sent a notice to my home recently about pumping out the tank. After living in my home for a few years, it was time to service the septic tank to keep it in good condition for years afterward. I watched in awe as the septic truck cleared the tank and restored the function of the system. I will use this site to discuss the process of servicing the septic tank. I will also talk about repairs commonly performed on the septic components. I hope you will visit often to learn more.


Learning About Septic Services

Unsure Whether Septic Tank Repairs Are Needed? Watch for These Visual & Olfactory Signs

Rose Austin

Becoming a homeowner means acquiring increased responsibilities. For instance, instead of calling the landlord to handle a repair issue, homeowners often must carry the burden of figuring out the problem, finding capable repair contractors, and covering the costs involved in the repair.

When a problem involves a major component of the home, such as the septic system, homeowners may find their task even more difficult and worrisome because the septic tank and system components are concealed underneath the soil. If you are wondering if your septic tank has developed a repair issue and unsure how to know for sure, here are some visual and olfactory signs of trouble that can help you determine when you may need to call for repairs. 

Visual signs of septic tank troubles

One of the most commonly known visual signs of septic tank failure involves a noticeable depression in the area where the home's septic tank is known to be located caused by a collapse of the tank. Metal septic tanks often collapse due to corrosion, especially when they have been in place for many years and are weakened by age.

However, other types of tanks, such as concrete or poly can also collapse. This most often occurs when something unexpectedly changes the balance of pressure between the fluids inside the tank and the pressure exerted by the surrounding soil. Common examples are when a tank loses fluids due to a leak or when too much of the contents are removed during pumping and the pressure from surrounding soil presses in. 

Another visual sign that often becomes noticeable when septic tank repairs are needed is the appearance of standing water or excessively moist soil in the area of the septic tank. This type of sign is often due to the development of a serious crack or leak in the septic tank or a failed system connection or pipe. 

Olfactory signs of septic system problems

Septic systems that are able to efficiently process waste rarely have any type of unpleasant odors. This is because liquid and solid waste from the home are being transferred underground to the septic tank without leaks or seepage. Homeowners who notice unpleasant odors in the area of their septic system often do so due to the formation of a leak of sewer gases or liquid waste that can result from a damaged pipe, connection or septic tank. 

Homeowners who want to learn more about septic system repairs or those who have specific questions can get the assistance they need by contacting local septic system technicians.