Learning About Septic Services
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Learning About Septic Services

Welcome to my site. My name is Jorge. The septic company sent a notice to my home recently about pumping out the tank. After living in my home for a few years, it was time to service the septic tank to keep it in good condition for years afterward. I watched in awe as the septic truck cleared the tank and restored the function of the system. I will use this site to discuss the process of servicing the septic tank. I will also talk about repairs commonly performed on the septic components. I hope you will visit often to learn more.


Learning About Septic Services

What To Expect On The Septic Tank Cleaning Specialists' Arrival

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As a septic tank owner, you must understand that your septic tank requires regular cleaning. If you don't ensure this, excessive sludge buildup will cause wastewater to overflow from underground, and sewer water is likely to back up into your home. In some cases, pipes whose function is to bear sludge may break and flood the drain field. Fortunately, septic tank cleaning can prevent these issues. If it's your first time hiring their services, this guide will expound on some critical aspects of what you can expect.

The Cleaning Experts Will Search for Your Tank's Location

Once they arrive at your home, the cleaning professionals will first search for the tank's location. This is straightforward if it was you who had the septic tank installed because you can guide them on where they should dig to access the lid. In any case, even if you moved into the home and don't know where the tank is, the technician can use a soil probe to determine its location.

They'll Inspect the Level Of Waste

Once the septic tank professionals access your tank, they'll check to see whether the liquid wastewater is within the recommended level. If the liquid level is too high, it indicates that the tank baffles are damaged or that there are issues with the leach field. This assessment is crucial because, based on their findings, the septic cleaning experts can advise you on any parts requiring repairs or replacement.

The Professionals Will Empty the Tank

When pumping out your septic tank, the experts will fit a hose to the vehicle and insert the other end into the tank. They'll then turn on the machinery's suction in order to remove waste from the tank and into the truck. Once this is done, they employ specialized tools to scrape off waste stuck to the septic tank floor and walls.

They Will Clean Your Septic Tank

After emptying your tank, the technicians will rinse it using fresh water. Some septic cleaning specialists prefer hydro jetting as it offers excellent cleaning results. Significantly, this step makes it possible for professionals to then inspect for signs of corrosion, root intrusion, and damage to the walls. Another thing they'll watch out for is whether water is draining back into the tank. If this is the case, there may be issues with the leach field, or the line between the drain field and the tank could be damaged. On the other hand, if everything is in good condition, the technicians close the lid and install a riser for convenient tank access during subsequent maintenance.

Septic tank cleaning is an effective way to ensure that your septic system runs efficiently. Moreover, by knowing what to expect during the cleaning, you are better prepared for the process.